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NOTE: Miner’s fee affect the amount you receive when we send you your funds.

How It Works

  1. You can buy directly from CoinForest by filling the form below. When you buy directly from us, we provide 100% guarantee that you will receive your Bitcoins.
  2. You can buy from any member of the site from the Trade Group. Just post your request and if anyone has some Bitcoin to sell, they’ll message you so you negotiate your own prices. You can also send anyone who has some a private message to start trading.

NOTE: Be cautious when trading with another member of the site. CoinForest shall not be held responsible for any scam from another member. Trade with caution. Else use the form below to order from us directly.

Simply fill the form below to make a purchase order. Read and follow the instructions for making purchasing on Instructions Page. Make sure to follow as shown on the instructions page before filling this form. The form requires a payment transaction ID before submitting.

You will receive your Bitcoin as soon as payment is confirmed. Use the contact page if you have any issues/questions.

Which crypto are you buying?
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How much do you want to buy? Send equivalent in GHS using rate of 4.8 or 4.9 depending on type of Currency
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Enter MTN Mobile Money transaction ID
Enter the username you use for coinforest. Earn points for buying BTC
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