How Get Free BTC From CoinForest

Redeem Points

First of all, you need to be a member of the site. Create a free account here:

You can use your points to redeem free BTC from the redeem page here:


How to Gain Points

There are several ways by which you can gain points in CoinForest:

  1. Visit the site daily: Yes! It’s as simple as that. Just log in to the site each day, and your visit will be recorded. You earn points just by visiting the site. Simple huh. Get 3 points free for logging in and 1 point for visiting the site daily.
  2. Refer others to the site: If you refer someone to the site, you get 1 point for every visitor you refer, and 2 extra points if they create an account.
  3. Activity: Comment, send a message to another member, chat with another member and free points. Awesome right. Just be engaging and you will be rewarded. No questions asked.
  4. Buy Bitcoins or any currency: Whenever you make an order for any currency, we will credit your points score with 5 points.


How to Redeem Points For BTC

Simply fill the forms on the redeem page once you have enough points. The minimum points you can redeem is 1000 points.

Visit the redeem page:



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