Coin Forest (CFRST) is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency that champions the principles of decentralization and equitable distribution. From its very inception, CFRST has been designed to stand apart by ensuring a completely fair launch, meaning that there are no pre-allocated tokens for the team or insiders. This approach not only fosters a sense of community ownership but also guarantees that every participant has an equal opportunity from the outset.

At the heart of Coin Forest lies its steadfast commitment to decentralization, embodying the true spirit of blockchain technology. By eliminating team allocations, CFRST ensures that its ecosystem remains unswayed by central authority, thus promoting a transparent and inclusive environment for its users.

CFRST is not just another token; it's a testament to the values of fairness, transparency, and decentralization. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the crypto world, Coin Forest offers a unique opportunity to be part of a community-driven project with the potential to reshape the landscape of digital finance.

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Coin Forest Is Launched

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Tax Implementation

From the outset of trading, a 2% tax will be applied to all selling transactions within the Coin Forest ecosystem. This tax is aimed at fostering long-term holding incentives, bolstering ecosystem stability, and fueling growth. Proceeds from the tax will be burned to maintain the supply cap at 5B tokens, as new coins are minted to the stakers.

  • Long-term Incentives
  • Supply Cap Maintenance
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Coin Minting And Supply

The minting strategy of CFRST tokens extends beyond the initial mint, with the gradual introduction of the remaining 4 billion tokens into circulation as staking rewards. This approach underpins the token's utility, fostering long-term holding and network participation. Anchoring this strategy is a generous annual percentage yield (APY) of 20% on staked CFRST tokens, which serves as the cornerstone of the staking program. This yield not only rewards community members for their commitment but also facilitates steady and controlled supply expansion of CFRST tokens.


Road Map

Coin Forest RoadMap

Truck Mind Software will Accept CFRST Token for payments
June 2024
Start list tokens and coins as a crypto currency directory.
August 2024
Add a gaming platform on to play games with coinforest token
October 2024
Development Begins
December 2024



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Decentralized cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency system collectively, at a rate which is defined when the system is created and which is publicly known.

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